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The Animal Shelter
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The only and official animal shelter of Suriname is located at the Home Home Kanangalaan across the Paramaribo Zoo.
We give shelter to 65 dogs and 20 cats (almost all of them puppies and kittens).
All animals should find a new owner during their stay at the shelter.

The population of stray dogs and stray cats is still increasing. These are no positive developments.
Stray animals are a serious threat for the public health and for the road safety.
Sheltering stray animals is unfortunately no sollution for this problem.
This problem must be encountered by means of ongoing action. With special projects, as a re-occuring sterilisation project, educational campagnes and providing educational material to schools, the foundation
of the Dierenbescherming Suriname tries to resolve the stray animal burden.

Help the Animal Shelter!
The animal shelter does not get any funds from the Surinamese government. We do our very best to
generate funds by ourselfs, by o.a. providing services like the hotel for dogs, animal transit
and the crematorium for animals. Unfortunately, the costs are far in excess than the income
of the shelter, so donors and sponsors are desperately needed!

Adopt a pet

One way to support the animal shelter is to adopt a dog (SRD 125,-) or a cat(SRD 65,-).
Another way is to sponsor a kennel for the lenght of 1 year, so that we can welcome multiple dogs and cats. For the amount of SRD 500,- (EUR 100,-) per year you will sponsor a dog kennel
and for SRD 375,- (EUR 75,-) a cat kennel.
This way you will help the Surinamese stray animals to stay at the animal shelter!

Stichting Dierenbescherming Suriname
P/a: Uranusstraat 92, Paramaribo
Phone nr: 00 597 8827127
E-mail: dierenbescherming@sr.net
Website: www.dierenbeschermingsuriname.org
Bank account nr: 4410076 (SRD)
Bank account nr: 4410084 (EUR)

Stichting Vrienden van de Dierenbescherming Suriname
Utrechtse Jaagpad 139
2314 AW Leiden
The Netherlands
Phone nr: 071 5898030 of  06 10410788
E-mail: vrienden@dierenbeschermingsuriname.nl
Giro nr: 5137943
KvK nr: 28112544

Dierenasiel in Suriname
Kanangalaan 32, Paramaribo
Telefoon: 00 597 547123
Opening hours for visitors:
Monday to Saturday: 9.30-11.30 uur and 15.30-17.00 uur
Sunday closed.



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